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Chilli Surfboards - Youth Lagoon

Chilli Surfboards

Create a one-of-a-kind surfboard with the Chilli Custom Order Program and unlock your personal best performance. Add some volume, tweak the tail, incorporate carbon for extra strength, or select your desired number of fins. This is your opportunity to bring a dream board to life.

Chilli Surfboards by James Cheal

Jamie Cheal started to shape surfboards in the mid 90s and eventually founded Chilli in a small factory in Brookvale, Australia. Driven by the highest standards and a commitment to releasing only products he'd be truly proud of, Jamie rapidly grew the company to become one of Australia's most beloved surfboard manufacturers. The word spread quickly, and soon, renowned World Tour surfers sought out Cheal's expertise, requesting his boards for their competitions. In 2004, the dearly missed Andy Irons rode Chilli Surfboards to secure his third world title, further solidifying the brand's reputation.

Beyond shaping for professionals, Jamie's diverse model range serves intermediates and beginners as well. Chilli surfboards are more than just foam and resin, he says — they stand for a true attention to detail that sets Chilli apart. From the use of double twisted weave fiberglass by Colan Products to incorporating QR identification codes and the distinctive signature Line, Jamie refuses to compromise on the quality of his boards, using only the most finely-sourced materials.

Twin Tech

Chilli's innovative Twin Tech design is a EPS/Epoxy construction. It offers a performance-oriented flex pattern, carefully crafted to replicate the feel of a traditional stringer surfboard while providing the exhilarating sensation of a new Epoxy/EPS board with every surf. The key to its strength lies in the strategically placed 'Twin Carbon' running along the center of the deck and bottom. This unique configuration creates a robust flex pattern, enhancing speed and delivering that desirable 'pop and liveliness' while maintaining a sense of predictability.

Twin Tech has undergone thorough testing with Chilli's team, comprising surfers of all ages and sizes. The consensus is that this construction feels remarkably lightweight, well-balanced, and exceptionally enjoyable to ride. Its composition includes a stringer-less 36 gram EPS core, combined with Chilli's custom-designed 'Twin Carbon' fiber tape. On the bottom, you'll find a single layer of 4oz fiberglass showcasing Chilli's signature line, courtesy of Colan Australia. This is further complemented by the Twin Carbon tape and individual FCS II plug patches. On the deck, there's a layer of 4oz fiberglass, another layer of 220-gram biaxial cloth, Twin Carbon tape, and a V-Tail patch.

Experience the performance and thrill of Twin Tech, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless surfing pleasure.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the standard PU stringer?

This construction is our most popular standard stock option. It uses a Polyurethane (PU) South Coast Foam blank, and once shaped, it is reinforced with a plywood stringer. The board is then coated with polyester resin. To enhance its durability and strength, we often incorporate carbon fiber or patches around the tail. This construction is perfect for everyday use and offers outstanding performance in various conditions, wave sizes, and for surfers of all levels.

What is the standard EPS stringer?

This is your standard EPS surfboard that you can order custom in Chilli's custom order page. It features an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core with a plywood stringer blank, coated with epoxy resin. To enhance its strength, we typically include a patch of carbon fiber around the tail. The standard EPS construction results in a lighter board, enhancing your paddling speed and board maneuverability. Additionally, the EPS foam core is known for its exceptional durability.

What does the carbon patch do?

Chilli's Carbon patches are designed to bolster the strength around the tail. This reinforcement is a great option as the tail area tends to experience a lot of wear and tear – when surfing, the pressure exerted by your toes and heels can be quite intense, leading to increased stress on the tail. When ordering a custom-made Chilli, you have the option to include Stripes Carbon patches or opt for Heal and Toe patches, which are clear 4-ounce cloth patches.

Should I change the tail?

The tail significantly influences a surfboard's overall performance and each of Chilli's models is meticulously crafted with a specific tail in mind. While all stock models come with a tail designed for optimal performance, this is a part of the board where you can customize and fine-tune. Chilli understands that surfers may have their preferences and desire to experiment. So, feel free to explore and choose a different tail option. Your board, your choice.

Which is the best fin setup?

The twin fin setup offers remarkable speed and liveliness, but it can feel a bit loose and prone to spinning out during big bottom turns in larger waves. The thruster is the most widely used configuration, combining rail fins for speed and a center fin for drive and stability. Quad fins provide a fast and loose feel, drawing water through the board's middle to enhance speed. For surfers seeking versatility, the Quin setup allows easy swapping between thruster and quad configurations.

What is Innegra?

Chilli's cutting-edge technology incorporates a specially designed weave using four-ounce fiberglass and Innegra S Cloth to enhance strength. Innegra S Cloth, with its lightweight and white color, serves as a reinforcing fiber that retains natural flex, unlike carbon fiber, which can stiffen structures. The Innegra S Cloth enables the board to bend to the point of potential breakage, only to rebound and prevent any creases or damage, ensuring optimal durability and performance.


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