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Faded 2.0 Chilli Surfboard - Youth Lagoon

Faded 2.0 Chilli Surfboard


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Looking for the perfect one-board quiver to handle good waves? Look no further, because the Faded 2.0 is the board you've been searching for. This second incarnation of the Faded is expertly crafted for those hollow, heavier waves. It possesses the paddling power of a step-up board and the agility of a shortboard, making it a versatile companion in various surf conditions.

Crafted in collaboration with Jay Davies and Balaram Stack, this board was tailored for overseas adventures and pumping waves back home. It has been rigorously tested from Costa Rica to West Oz, proving its mettle in some of the world's best surf spots. While its primary design focus is on hollow tubes, rest assured it glides like a dream in waves ranging from 3 feet to 8-plus.

The Faded 2.0 showcases a full nose, providing ample paddle power, and transitions into a smooth middle section before straightening out in the bottom third of the board. This configuration enables excellent drive and control through its rounded pin-tail. Boasting a flat-medium entry and a smooth medium tail rocker, the board perfectly complements its double concave and vee bottom contour. As a result, it offers impressive speed and maneuverability, even in challenging situations.

The bottom contour features a single concave from 12 inches down to the middle of the board, followed by a slight double concave that leads into a vee out through the tail. This combination provides exceptional hold and drive when tackling fast, hollow waves that demand precise control.

Moving into the middle section, the board mellows out, featuring a single concave, straight outline, and low rail bite. This configuration ensures speed and bite, allowing the board to hold a perfect line. The back-third of the board is where control shines. The double concave leading into a vee out the tail facilitates seamless rail-to-rail transitions and keeps the board firmly on track during high-speed maneuvers, bottom turns, or critical lip strikes.

In essence, the Faded 2.0 is a front-end paddle machine coupled with a rear-end controlled fun-park, making it your ultimate go-to board for tackling good waves with confidence and style.

About the Collection

When crafting a high-performance board for good waves, it's crucial to ensure all attributes complement each other flawlessly. The Faded 2.0 achieves precisely that. The top one-third features a fuller outline, generously packed with volume. Combined with a flat entry rocker, this board effortlessly chips into larger waves. It conquers fast and hollow waves or big and chunky swells with ease, offering incredible paddle power (insanity not included).

Product Details

Category: Premium Performance
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Suitable Wave Size: 1m - 3m
Standard Fin-Setup: Thruster or 5 Fins
Standard Rail: Low/ Medium Rail
Standard Tail: Round Pin Tail

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Faded 2.0 Chilli Surfboard



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