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Yow Surf - Youth Lagoon

YOW Surfskates

The name YOW is short for "Your Own Wave". Created by two Spanish surfers, and based in the Basque Country, YOW is one of the world's leading Surfskate brands. With its recent release of the Meraki surfskate truck YOW Surf is considered one of the most valued and best surfskate brands on the market.


Product type
YOW San Onofre 35.5" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Waikiki 40" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Mundaka 32" Surfskate Deck | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW La Jolla 35" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW La Jolla 35" Surfskate Deck | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Snappers 32.5" Surfskate Deck | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Arica 33" Surfskate Deck | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Calmon 41" Surfskate Deck | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Surfskate Wheels Mustard 66mm, 80A - Youth Lagoon
YOW Surfskate Wheels Ketchup 66mm, 82A - Youth Lagoon
YOW Surfskate Wheels Mayo 66mm, 78A - Youth Lagoon

About YOW Surf

In contrast to conventional longboards, cruisers or skateboards, a surf skate truck enables riders to repetitively perform and train typical surfing maneuvers in the streets. Only a few surf skateboards offer an exact reproduction of the movements of surfing like the ones from YOW. The beauty of it all is that YOW enables us to transfer the surfing experience to the streets in any place and at any time. That is why YOW's slogan is "No more flat days". We love YOW also because of its outstanding graphic and product design and their truly beautiful film productions.

YOW Meraki Truck

The YOW Meraki surfskate truck is the result of over five years of research and development. Its design is based on the original V.4 adapter and the patented YOW spring system. With the new YOW Meraki system unnecessary components were eliminated and essential parts strengthened, making the truck both lighter and more durable, as well as enhancing its appearance. The new system is now seamlessly integrated as YOW’s new all-in-one truck, providing increased stability (especially riding fakie) and without compromising the smooth surfing flow the system is renowned for. YOW Meraki will elevate your surfskating and surfing to the next level. All YOW trucks are perfect for anybody looking for a surf-like feel and movement pattern on their skateboard. While the new and patented YOW Meraki system is an all-in-one surfskate truck, the original V.4 system was an adapter which can be used with any conventional skateboard truck and deck.

If you can still get your hands on the old V.4 adapter you won’t be disappointed. The ride and flow is very similar to Meraki and also offers a unique range of motion that will allow to you to perform a variety of classic surf maneuvers and tricks. Both trucks are also great allrounders which can be used for progressive surf training to improve your capabilities in the water but also as a cruiser taking you around town. All YOW systems are made of high-grade aluminum, are lightweight and very durable. Like all products from YOW the Meraki truck has an outstanding quality. The spring, bushings and system bearings used with the trucks are replaceable in case they are worn out.

Frequently asked Questions

Are YOW surfskates good for beginners?

This is a very common question among riders who are looking for their first surfskate. And it totally depends on your individual level. To start learning with a YOW surf skateboard might be challenging when you are totally new to board sports but possible. For surfers who have already experience in the water a YOW surfskate will be just perfect to improve your surfing, even if you have no skateboard experience. For other surfskate trucks and systems check out our Surfskate Buyers Guide.

Can you cruise with a surfskate?

Yes, you definitely can. If you compare YOW vs. Carver, pushing a Carver surfskate might be a little easier for beginners but all it takes is some time and you will be able to push and cruise your YOW surfskate like a regular cruiser skateboard or longboard. Practically all surfskate wheels from major manufacturers have very good cruising abilities. The large diameter, soft durometer and wide contact patch are perfectly suitable to skate and carve on uneven surfaces.

Does a YOW surfskate improve your surfing?

Yes, it won´t matter on what level you are already surfing. Particularly beginners and intermediate surfers can benefit from using a surf skateboard as it allows to train repetitively different movement patterns outside the water without the need of catching waves in difficult conditions or competitive line-ups. Also landlocked surfers or surfers living in locations where good waves are rare can use a surf skate to train their surf skills at any time.

Which YOW surfskate should I get?

This depends very much on your style, body size and what you are planning to use the board for. Are you a short board surfer and into aggressive maneuvers or are you more into the longboard type of ride? Would you like to skate in a bowl? What is your overall aim? Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you are unsure what model to get and we will give you a recommendation. Consider as a rule of thumb: the smaller the wheelbase the more aggressive the ride. If your weight is below 50kg get a Meraki S4. It if is above 50kg get the Meraki S5.

Where are YOW skateboard made?

YOW was originally founded in Euskal Herria, in Gipuzkoa. YOW products are today still produced in the Basque Country just outside of San Sebastian in Irún. While YOW Surf is an international company and operates on a global level it is very proud of its origins. The local history and values of the people living in the Basque Country are very much embedded into the company's DNA. This is why YOW is also staying local in its supply chain and workforce.

What is the best way to learn how to surfskate?

One of the easiest ways to learn and improve your surfskating is to join a local community. To skate with friends is not only more fun, you will also automatically pick up insights from more experienced riders and improve at a much faster pace. Also check out our list of 22 curated surfskate tutorial videos. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the list has something to offer for anybody: from the basics of pumping a surfskate to doing complex maneuvers.


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