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Yow Surfskate La Isla Preview

Find 'Your own Wave'

YOW explores the intersections of Ocean, mountain and concrete. A tool that can bring the movements and feelings of surfing and freeride snowboarding to skateboarding.

Youth Lagoon

There was a dream and that was blue — like you, we are longing for the sea, to share the line-up with our eyes on the horizon, to feel the sun drying our salty cheeks, to quench our thurst for waves.

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Youth Lagoon Surfskate Longboard Tavarua 38"



Biarritz by Night - Youth Lagoon

Biarritz by Night

Music that will take you down the Boulevard de la Mer on a mild summer night in a French convertible. Did you know: a few miles down the road on...

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Barbarian Days - Youth Lagoon

Barbarian Days

William Finnegan’s book "Barbarian Days" is the most vivid and beautiful depiction of the entire surfing experience that is out there. Wether you are an old timer or have never...

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Bali’s 70s - Youth Lagoon

Bali’s 70s

Imagine "Uluwatu" without the bars, tourists and plastic waste. Just you, an untouched cliff and one of the most beautiful waves ever seen – all possible if you had visited...

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Sebastien Zanella - Youth Lagoon

Sebastien Zanella

If you want to touch someone’s elses heart your work has to come from your own — and we love the work of Sebastien. His passion lies in showing us...

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What a time to be alive. And what a time to start doing things differently. As a fashion and skateboard label we do recognize our societal responsibility. Therefore we are always giving equal value to aesthetics and quality as to ecological sustainabilty and ethical conduct.

Youth Lagoon Surfskate Buyers Guide

The Best Surfskate Brands

To help you make the best decisions on what surfskate to buy we created a short & sweet buyers guide. It is based on our own experience and on what we hear and see in our local surf and surfskate communities.

Youth Lagoon Surfskate Tutorials

Surfskate Tutorials

Here comes a carefully compiled list of our top 10 curated surfskate tutorials and lessons that will coach you to become a better surfskater and surfer in no time.

Youth Lagoon Surfskate Beginner FAQ

Surfskate Beginner FAQ

For all beginners and anybody new to surfskating we have answered the most frequently asked questions about surfskates in our short and sweet surfskate FAQ. 

Youth Lagoon Surfskate Spot Guide Hamburg

Surfskate Spots in Hamburg

Our selection of Hamburg’s recommended surfskate locations and skateparks. We are covering a fine range of spots for any level from beginner to pro. 

Youth Lagoon Collage
Youth Lagoon Collage


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