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Middy Chilli Surfboard - Youth Lagoon
Middy Chilli Surfboard - Youth Lagoon

Middy Chilli Surfboard


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Chilli is now offering the Mid Strength's little sibling, the Middy, in a smaller size range from 6'4 down to 5'10, following numerous custom orders. Just like its larger counterpart, the Middy boasts unmatched paddling power with ample volume under your chest. However, the more compact length of the Middy takes its performance to even greater heights. Stand on the tail, and the Middy pivots effortlessly; shift your weight forward, and you'll be flying down the line!

James (Chilli) designed this surfboard during the summer of 2018/19 when a niggling knee injury prevented him from surfing to his full potential on his standard shortboard. Seeking a board that offered easy paddling, wave-catching ability, and smooth surfing without much effort, the Mid Strength was born. The Middy, in essence, is a shorter version of the Mid Strength, a performance all-rounder suitable for anyone who can competently navigate along a wave.

The outline features a fullish nose to enhance paddling efficiency, flowing down into an accentuated curve between your feet, and finally into the back third of the board, where the magic happens. The soft round tail deliberately provides a forgiving and smooth turning arc, even on a longer board. To ensure effortless turning and rail-holding on a larger board, Chilli combined a lower entry rocker with a medium exit rocker out the tail. The goal was to create a fast paddler, effortlessly catching waves with minimal effort, while remaining responsive during turns.

The bottom contours include a slight single concave up front, blending into a deep single/double concave through the side fins to add looseness under the rear foot. This combination in the model is akin to a mid-strength beer; all the fun with half the effort!

About the Collection

Whether you're getting older, slightly less fit, or your surf time has decreased, sometimes you need a board that does the work for you. The Middy is built for easy paddling and effortless wave-catching in larger conditions. Once you're up and riding, the board trims, pivots, and turns with ease, offering a bit of release when necessary. The curvy outline and rocker combo prevent the board from feeling too long and straight, making it surf like a much shorter board. Once you try it, you'll undoubtedly become a convert.

Product Details

Category: All Rounder
Level: Beginner
Suitable Wave Size: 0m - 1.5m
Standard Fin-Setup: Thruster, Quad or 5 Fins
Standard Rail: Low/ Medium Rail
Standard Tail: Round Pin Tail

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Middy Chilli Surfboard



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