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Postcards from the Search

Biarritz by Night - Youth Lagoon

Biarritz by Night

Music that will take you down the Boulevard de la Mer on a mild summer night in a French convertible. Did you know: a few miles down the road on...

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Barbarian Days - Youth Lagoon

Barbarian Days

William Finnegan’s book "Barbarian Days" is the most vivid and beautiful depiction of the entire surfing experience that is out there. Wether you are an old timer or have never...

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Bali’s 70s - Youth Lagoon

Bali’s 70s

Imagine "Uluwatu" without the bars, tourists and plastic waste. Just you, an untouched cliff and one of the most beautiful waves ever seen – all possible if you had visited...

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Sebastien Zanella - Youth Lagoon

Sebastien Zanella

If you want to touch someone’s elses heart your work has to come from your own — and we love the work of Sebastien. His passion lies in showing us...

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Chasing Waves - Youth Lagoon

Chasing Waves

There should be music, no matter where you are. And when it can’t get any better, play it again and again. Here are some tunes which have accompanied us on...

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Loski - Youth Lagoon


"Loski" is a Spanish surfskate instructor and team rider of YOW Surf. There is simply no other rider on Instagram you could follow and learn more from in terms of...

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The Mellow Hostel - Youth Lagoon

The Mellow Hostel

Ever dreamt of staying in a cozy surf shack right in front of Sri Lanka’s best south coast wave? At Mellow hostel you can literally spot check "The Rock" from...

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Movement: 21 Years of Carver - Youth Lagoon

Movement: 21 Years of Carver

Frustrated by the conventional skateboard experience and how unlike surfing it was, two lads from Venice, California developed the first surfskate truck back in the 90s. "Movement: 21 Years of...

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Surfskate Love Wheels - Youth Lagoon

Surfskate Love Wheels

We get recently asked a lot about surfskate wheels. Our friends want to know what are the best wheels for surfskating in the market, what are the differences precisely and...

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Corey Colapinto - Youth Lagoon

Corey Colapinto

Pro surfing fans are likely familiar with the brothers Griffin and Cosby Colapinto, who are quickly gaining recognition within the World Surf League. Outside of the competition, there seems to...

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The Church of the Open Sky - Youth Lagoon

The Church of the Open Sky

"The Church of the Open Sky" is a surf film by award-winning Australian director Nathan Oldfield. Not only does the film showcase the beauty of nature, it also explores the connection...

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Youth Lagoon Collage
Youth Lagoon Collage


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