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A2 Chilli Surfboard - Youth Lagoon
A2 Chilli Surfboard - Youth Lagoon

A2 Chilli Surfboard


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Presenting the result of a year's worth of slight modifications under the Project Black program, Chilli proudly unveils a surfboard that has been tried, tested, and adored by their team. They knew you'd love it too.

Originally known as the A2 Curve, this board's journey began with the creation of the cad file named ai8curve.cet on 12.02.2003, residing in the archives of James' Macbook. Developed in collaboration with the legendary Andy Irons, who rode and cherished it during 2003 and 2004, this model held a special place. However, as time passed, machines and software became outdated.

Thanks to advancements in technology, James could breathe new life into some old and faithful files, including the ai8curve.cet. With a modern-day outline, concave, and a few minor adjustments by the team, the board emerged anew.

The A2 is undoubtedly a shortboard that deserves a spot in your quiver. Experience its exceptional performance and let it be your trusty companion on the waves.

About the Collection

Belonging to Chilli's esteemed Premium Performance category, the A2 excels when pushed to its limits. It confidently navigates critical sections with precision and flows effortlessly through turns, just as you would expect from a board ridden by the great AI. Featuring a reasonably gentle rocker, single concave, and a tight squash tail with lift, this board allows you to unleash your full potential.

Product Details

Category: Premium Performance
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Suitable Wave Size: 1m - 2.5m
Standard Fin-Setup: Thruster or 5 Fins
Standard Rail: Medium
Standard Tail: Squashed

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A2 Chilli Surfboard



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