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YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon
YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024 - Youth Lagoon

YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024

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Introducing the Outer Banks 33.85”, YOW's latest high-performance addition for 2024 and beyond. This innovative egg-shape board aims to combine the finest attributes from YOW's other HP models into one comprehensive design. With a generous width from nose to tail, it is very forgiving, offering a lot of stability, and immediate responsiveness for executing tight turns.

The Outer Banks surfskate boasts a high concave and wide, nearly symmetrical tail and nose kicker, meticulously crafted to ensure your feet remain firmly in place, instilling confidence to tackle challenging spots and execute precise maneuvers. Its short 17″ wheelbase offers sensitivity in every movement, enabling sharper turns with ease. Paired with the Meraki system (S5) and 66x51mm 78A Ura wheels, this board delivers exceptional grip, allowing you to lock in those fast turns with confidence while maintaining speed.


About the Collection

Crafted with sustainability in mind, YOW decks are constructed from 7 plies of responsibly sourced hard rock maple, adhering to forest conservation laws in the Great Lakes region. YOW's trucks, manufactured in the Basque Country, comply with REACH regulations, prioritizing human health and environmental protection. Additionally, YOW's in-house produced wheels utilize a Super High Rebound formula with premium urethane for optimal performance.

Designed and crafted in the Basque Country, Spain, all YOW decks embody the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Product Details

· Surfskate Deck: 33.85″ x 10″ x 17.15" Wheelbase
· Surfskate Truck: YOW Meraki S5 (>50Kg)
· Surfskate Wheels: YOW URA Wheels 66x51mm, MAYO 78A
· Concave: High
· Rocker: Nose & Tail Rocker
· Material: 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
· Colour: One Coloured Ply
· Griptape: Printed Jessup Griptape

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YOW Outer Banks 33.85" Surfskate | 2024



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