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Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck - Youth Lagoon
Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck - Youth Lagoon
Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck - Youth Lagoon
Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck - Youth Lagoon

Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck


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The long-awaited Whitetail Cheetah Supreme is finally here. This exceptional deck is designed for a flow-oriented experience. With its smaller, well-balanced shape and slightly less aggressive profile than the Shark Series, the Cheetah deck still delivers peak performance. It boasts the same high-end construction and superior shape engineering as the Shark Series.

The Whitetail Cheetah Supreme is perfect for uncompromising riders who have high standards, seeking the ideal blend of performance and flow for effortless carves, smooth cruising, pumping, tricks, and surfskate dancing. Six wheelbase options enable riders to customize and evolve indefinitely, adjusting their setup to different truck systems and easily sharing or selling their board.

Like the Shark Series, the shape offers the same “on/off” switch, transitioning from deep carves to stability at the tip of your toes. The lighter, shorter size of the Cheetah enhances maneuverability. Although the Cheetah is less aggressive than the Shark Series, all Whitetail decks are performance-oriented and more aggressive than the average surfskate deck. The Cheetah features a deep concave and strong rocker, suited for skilled riders from intermediate to advanced levels.

Whitetail recommends Grasp Surfskate Trucks, Carver Trucks and Surfskate Love wheels to use with your Cheetah.

This deck might not be for riders who prefer flat decks and those who prefer super-light decks – with its strong construction, this board is built to last. It’s not ideal for tricks requiring a longer nose than 5.5 inches. 

Product Details

· Surfskate Deck: 31″ x 9.75″
· Wheelbase: 16", 17"
· Wheelbase: 18", 19" (with 1 Remora)
· Wheelbase: 20", 21" (with 2 Remoras)
· Concave: Deep Concave to Pump and Carve effortlessly
· Pockets: Deep Pockets to lock your Feet
· Rocker: Functional Nose & Tail Rocker
· Material: 7 Plies Canadian Hard Rock Maple
· Colour: One Coloured Ply
· Griptape: Without Griptape
· Weight: 1,1kg

About the Collection

Whitetail Skateboard Decks are locally sourced and made with love in Canada from 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple. The entire production takes place in a radius of 150 miles. Whitetail uses waterbased colours and never any epoxy resins or toxic glues.

Sophie B. Samson, the founder and designer of Whitetail Skateboards, believes that our Planet is wonderful so she is always happy to sell only the parts you need, instead of pushing completes into the market just to make more profit. In the end, Whitetail would be more wealthy but, creating waste just isn’t her vibe. Instead, Sophie encourages you to reuse the parts you already have.

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Whitetail Cheetah Supreme Surfskate Deck



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